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Zenit El Postigo
Zenit El Postigo
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Why Zenit El Postigo

- Guarantee and Safety for your reservations -

Privileged location
In the historical centre of Úbeda, and just one step away from the shopping area.

Our chimney, our swimming pool, our garden will make you want to spend time with us.

Limitless, free wi-fi
Fitted with Wi-Fi coverage and more than 25 signal relays.

Special rooms
Rooms with Whirlpool, Junior Suites, rooms with terrace.

Children: free of charge
The first under 12-year-old child is not charged for lodging.

Family rooms
Spacious rooms to enjoy with the family.

Discover Hotel Zenit El Postigo

Zenit El Postigo


Each one of the Zenit El Postigo Hotel's 26 rooms is decorated with exquisite and detailed designs, to ensure an exclusive and unique stay in Úbeda. The Zenit El Postigo Hotel has different types of rooms depending on what is required.

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Zenit El Postigo


The Zenit El Postigo Hotel invites you to begin your stay with a full breakfast in the hotel's dining room, where you can find a wide variety of different foods: fresh fruit, yogurt, juices, different types of bread, a selection of cold meats, cheese, assorted pastries, including specialities from Úbeda. We also offer a special gluten free breakfast.

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Zenit El Postigo


The Zenit El Postigo Hotel is perfect for all sorts of customers, from families to business clientele. It has spacious communal areas, a dining room, a social lounge with a fireplace where you can enjoy a drink, and a garden with a swimming pool-solarium, available to guests 24 hours a day. Our large team of professionals working at the hotel will make sure that you have everything you need during your stay in Úbeda.

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Zenit El Postigo

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